Administration guide of CONSUL v.0.15


Administration guide of CONSUL v.0.15.

0. Introduction to the CONSUL Administration guide

  1. Administrator interface
    1.1 Polls
    1.2. Collaborative legislation
    1.3. Participatory budgets
    1.4. Messages to users
    1.5. Site content
    1.6 Voting booths
    1.7 Signature sheets
    1.8. Moderation
    1.9 Profiles
    1.10. Configuration
  2. Moderator interface
  3. Valuation interface
  4. Management interface
  5. Poll officers interface
    5.1. Validate document and vote
    5.2. Total recount and results

Consul-administration-guide-eng-0_15.pdf (3.1 MB)



Hi, I have my french version of Consul installed here, but it’s the previous version, installed through the Consul installer.
Could you please tell me how I can update to version 0.15 ?


Here it is also the editable version of the guide: