Build our consul to my home city / country

Hello all,

this amazing idea / project.
i am really happy i have found your tool, which is not only a tool, it is a huge idea / Visio we should have, so that we develop like humanity, from small communities to whole humanity.

can you please let me know, how is possible to find more resources, how can i organize and be guided to build our community to my home city / country?
can we arrange a call so that we share info and vision?

thank you so much,

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Hi @tsipoulanis,

Here are a few links that may be useful to learn more about the project:

If you want to know more about the project you can contact the foundation through the contact section:


thank you for the reply,
but i would like to request a call, video call or something, so that i understand deeper how we can use this technology and solution.
thank you for the links.

additionally, i would like to listen also experience from other people running the same project in different countries, so that i understand how was the results be used in different cities and countries, to understand the use case and the value of the results of a vote here.
for example, how we can use the results in a city or goverment level.

thank you for understanding,

Hi @tsipoulanis

Thank you for your interest in Consul.

If you would like to arrange a video call with the foundation you can contact them through the following link: