Can not display results for polls when online-voting only

Hi, I am testing Consul for just online voting. I created a poll, have a few users enter their votes, but when I go to the results section for the corresponding poll

  • I don’t see the message ‘there are no votes’ (in fact the votes are in the db)
  • I don’t see any indication of the online votes.

What should I check?
Is there a command I have to run to update the stats?

Thank you so very much, our adoption of consul depends on being able to use it for online-only voting

Same problem here, the votes are in DB but there is no sign of them in the platform.

I have the same problem. The votes are in the db but there is no data in poll_voters table. That is the table that is checked to see if there are results or not in a poll.

Also, this problem only happens if the user that votes has no document_number in the user database. If i do an update in the database to assign a document_number, that user can vote and the table poll_voters gets updated properly. Then the poll has result and can show them and the user get a message that he has voted in the poll if he try to do it again.