CONSUL 1.1.0 released!

Hello, CONSUL community! We are very happy to announce Release 1.1.0! :tada:

Thank you all for your contributions and support!

We have many interesting new features and upgrades in this release.

Remote and local census management
User verification can be configured via the admin interface.

Translations for user generated content
Users can now create proposals, debates and investment projects in multiple languages. This content can also be translated automatically.

Easier installation and capistrano setup
We’ve simplified the installation process, making it easier to setup CONSUL and start deploying your own changes.

Legislation proposals moderation
Legislation proposals can be managed by moderators the same way they moderate proposals and debates.

Authentication with Wordpress
It’s now possible to enable registration and login using Wordpress.

We’ve done a lot of maintenance tasks, refactorings and bug fixes, including migrating CoffeeScript to JavaScript, using puma instead of unicorn, and using the secrets file to store SMTP settings.

Review the Changelog to see the complete details of the release and the Release notes for instructions on how to upgrade.

Thank you all!

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Thank you for all the new features and the detailed report on this!

Are there any plans when this will be rolled out to the demo version?

@Surfista They’re all already there, although some of them have to be activated using the admin interface. Feel free to log in as an admin and play around! :smile:

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