CONSUL 1.5.0 released!

Hello, CONSUL community! We are very happy to announce Release 1.5.0! :tada:

Thank you all for your contributions and support! :clap:

Here are some of the new features and upgrades in this release.

Better support for GraphQL API
Add new GraphQL types & schema and make their customization possible.

Easier customization
Redefine postal code verification methods to use setting config parameter

Improvements in notifications and newsletters
Include link to unsubscribe in email notifications

Add support for Debian Buster and Debian Bullseye

We’ve done a lot of maintenance tasks, refactorings and bug fixes, like finishing the migration from Paperclip to Active Storage.

Review the Changelog to see the complete details of the release and the Release notes for instructions on how to upgrade.

Thank you all! :heart: