Consul on Debian 5.0



We have a server running Debian 5.0, can we install Consul on that server? Do we need to have Ubuntu 16.04 x64 or we can install it on other versions of Linux?



Hi Natasa! I think there is no problem to install in another Linux/Debian distribution. Did already try to install the pre-requisites in the server to check it out?
Also see the Installer to help you install Consul.

I will also ask more people if they have some concern about!


I agree, checking the prerequisites, I do not seen anything that could prevent consul from running on debian 5


Hi Natasa

The benefit of using Ubuntu 16.04 is that there is an installer that does most of the work for you and guarantees that all parts are running with the correct version:

But of course you can use Debian or any other Linux distribution, if you know what you are doing.