CONSUL v0.16 released!

Hi CONSUL community, the new v0.16 release is here! :tada:

Thank you all for your contributions and support to this project. In this release we have some exciting new features such as:


  • Now the investments’ status can be followed publicly thanks to the new tool added in the administration section to update and detail the stages of the execution.
  • A message is displayed in the pages of those investments winners to let users know, as well as unselected and unfeasible ones.
  • In the “publishing prices” phase only selected investments will be visible in the headings listing and the main map.


  • The officing panel offers now an option to exit the voting process in the last step in case the voter wants to leave it.
  • Polling sidebar menu won’t be available for those officers that access the panel without shifts for that day.

The CONSUL homepage has been refreshed with a new design and features to customize the content: custom header text, most popular contents, recomendations for users, etc.

Administrators will now be able to create content in different languages to enrich the community, starting with the budget investments milestones. In future releases we’ll continue adding this option to more contents.

Administrators can moderate all the email notifications that the authors of proposals send to their followers and supporters.


  • Fixed bug happening in the proposal creation form that returned a validation error if the option to skip census verification is enabled.
  • New user recomendations for proposals and debates.

The Imagemagick package has been added to the Docker configuration file, along with several enhancements.

There has been many improvements and fixes in the user interface, specially in the administration section to make the navigation easier for the administrators. Also accessibility tasks were performed.

Tests coverage and performance were improved with installation and environment setup files.

To see all the details of everything that comes in this release, visit the Changelog.

Thank you all!


I was looking for if Consul is compliant with the accessibility standards W3C and UNE 139803: 2012.
Can you please confirm that Consul latest version is compliant.

Thanks a lot!