Error on Dutch / NL Consul

Hi, Question. When I switch from English to ’ Nederlands’ on Consul, there is no Title for the SDG page.
In my browser I get the following error: Title

How can I change this? The same problem is there for the Proposals Dashboard and Remote Census Configuration. Attached are two screenshots showing the difference between English and ‘Nederlands’

Hi Wounter_Splinter,

We use the Crowdin platform to manage most of the CONSUL languages except English and Spanish, which we maintain directly from the code repository. The CONSUL translators help us through Crowdin to add and maintain CONSUL languages.

As you can see here [1], the Dutch language has the 42 % of translations, so the chances to find untranslated strings are big.

If you decide to add some missing Dutch translations to your CONSUL fork, it would be nice to use the Crowdin platform to benefit other Dutch users. Then we can help you to place your translations in your codebase if you do not know how to do it.

Here is the documentation we have regarding texts and translations [2].

I hope this helps you.