German translations: Consul project and documentation

A. Problem / Goal

The documentation of the open source software “Consul” is so far only available in English and Spanish. With the software itself the language offer is clearly larger, nevertheless there are deficits with the completeness of some translations.

Offering documentation in English or Spanish requires that the people who want to set up their own Consul instance also have a full command of this language - but this is not always 100% given, especially in public authorities. Therefore

The declared goal is to give people who do not speak English or Spanish, but in this case speak and understand German, the possibility to set up their own Consul instance.

B. Solution

  1. consul project: Bringing forward the German translations of the Consul software at - this is 99% fulfilled, here the translations would usually only need to be checked again.

  2. project documentation: The documentation, which content can be found at GitHub, is supplemented with a German version based on the English documentation with Pull Request No. 121 (cf.

C. Alternatives
Decision-makers in public administration decide against the open source project “Consul” and in favor of a proprietary software solution.

D. Other

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Hi Lukas,
Thanks for your input.
We (the Consul Foundation) are currently working on a new multi-lingual documentation system at the international level.
In addition, we are currently discussing with some cities in Germany how this can also be designed well and collaboratively for the German language area. The next meeting will take place at the beginning of May.
Please feel free to contact me directly and I will invite you to attend. Here is my email:

Best, Simon

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