Hint: Free solution for making CONSUL DSGVO/GDPR compliant

Klaro! is a free and good solution to make CONSUL GDPR compliant. It especially considers german DSGVO. It was very easy to integrate into CONSUL without changing the code.

Hi, @Jan :smile:.

Thank you for the link! Do you know any websites using CONSUL with Klaro? If so, could you provide links to them (and links to their source code as well)?

Hi, we are using with our CONSUL instance. It is not available to public yet, but we will release it in the next 2 weeks.

It seems that Klaro works not with ahoy cookies yet, because CONSUL merges all JS files in one file. Klaro can only block separate scripts.

You can see a preview with KLARO here: https://beteiligung.osnabrueck.de/

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@Jan Thanks! Could you add a link to the source code of that page as well? :pray: