Installing Consul on Mac


I am a researcher at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and I am trying to install Consul on a MacBook Pro to see how it works and if it is possible to use it in our work. Please, where can I find a clear step-by-step to do the installation? The zip file I downloaded from is corrupted and can not be installed on the Mac. Thank you!


Hi @mtramontano! Welcome! I’m also from University of Sao Paulo but from (IME).

Did you tried to follow the documentation on: ?
There is also a way to install using Docker

I’m also on a Macbook and I could install it in the past. But I’ve uninstall it after. I will try to follow the steps on the documentation again to check if something is missing.


@mtramontano I could run Consul on my mac using Docker! :slight_smile:
How did you try to make it?


Hi @mtramontano I think you can follow the guides suggested by @vanessametonini :ok_hand:t2:

Also, is not related with the CONSUL repository :relieved: