Is Poweredge T30 strong enough for the task or should we go for the T130

As the title states, is the poweredge T30 good enough for a small city as we are looking for the cheaper option or do you think it would cause problems in the long run, i also saw on a post from a while ago that someone said it would work on a vps with dualcore and 2GH processor and 8 ram but we would buy it with 32 just in case, thanks for your time :).

Hi Alfredo,

Here you have the link to the recommended specifications:

Remember, this is a general recommendation.
The correct thing would be to monitor the performance of the servers and customize the characteristics of the hardware according to the traffic.

As an example: With a population of 243,000, assuming you will use it less than 10% at first, 16 Gigabytes of RAM and a dual core may be enough.
To monitor performance an option is Newrelic[1]. Newrelic has a free plan that is more than enough to see the capacity the server is using.
Newrelic is already partially integrated[2] with CONSUL. It should be enough to add the token of the Newrelic account to an attribute newrelic_key in the production block of secrets.yml[3].