It's possible to create a company entity?

I would like companies(pymes, autonomos,) to be able to post (vote, debate…). is it possible to do that or only person entity is able to participate?

Hi @rubick,

In CONSUL you can create “Organization/Collective” users from sign up page or directly in /organizations/sign_up.

These users are able to post content but not allowed to vote.

The organizations should be verified by an administrator manually from /admin/organizations. Once this is done, the label “Collective” will appear on the content created by that user.


If you need more help with technical support or new developments please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Thanks for your response.

As you mentioned, a collective can be created and must be verified but It’s there any way to accept or limit the users that belongs to an Organization or collective?
For example, I want to create a collective for “Pymes” and I don’t want that anybody who does not belong to that collective are able to join. Is it possible to moderate that?


I guess I misunderstood you then. This functionality is not to create a “user group” but a user on behalf of those users.

At the moment there is nothing to organize a user group.

An example of real use of this collective user is a neighbourhood association that collects ideas outside CONSUL and then a user in representation publishes the proposal on the platform.

That is, for each organization there can only be one user. In the end it is the same as a user account with the label of collective and that can only publish content, not vote for it.