Management Section - Verifying Users


Managers are the people in physical offices that can assist users do common actions in the site, such as verifying their account, creating proposals, and voting proposals

The main feature used is to verify users, even users without emails.
Here is a short screencast on how to verify a user and login in that user without an email


Hi! Excellent example. But i have a problem with that.

I’m in the systems area of the municipality of Mar Chiquita, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We are wanting to implement consul. We had a problem with the registration of users. We do not know how to link the information of a user, for example through the postal code.

How can the user’s verification information be linked to something external, for example an API Rest.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.


Hola estamos probando la plataforma.
nos gustaría validar al usuario que se registra comparandolo con el padron de ciudadanos. ¿Como podemos realizar esto?

Hello, we are testing the platform.
we would like to validate the user who registers by comparing it with the citizens’ registry. How can we do this?
Thank you