Merge proposals / Unificar propuestas


Has anyone had the need to merge proposals for the PPs and to join the support of both?
And how could it be done?

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    ¿Se ha dado la necesidad de unificar propuestas para los PPs y que se sumen los apoyos de ambas?
    ¿y cómo se podría hacer?


Hi @pablogg

Our policy in Madrid in general is that we don’t merge proposals by ourselves. If we identify proposals that are similar we contact the authors to get them to be aware of this and suggest to drop one of them.

You can’t just add the support or votes of both proposals, because some users may have voted for the two of them.

If we detect proposals that are equal in the validation phase but before voting, we drop the one that has less support. But they must really be identical, not just similar. Sometimes proposals that seems to be similar have some characteristics that are important for the authors.