Minimum server requirements

Hi there,

I want to use Consul for the local elections 2020 in France, in my small city of Chaumont (population : 22 300) and the 62 other little cities and villages Chaumont is grouped with (total population : 45 000).

This page
says that Consul shall be installed on
Production Server:
Processor: Quad core
Hard Drive: 20 GB
Such a server is a bit expensive for me. Do you think Consul can work on the VPS SSD 3 on this page ?
Or what’s the minimum RAM and hard drive it can work on, for small budgets ? Can it work with 12Go RAM like the VPS Cloud RAM 2 here : ?


Hey @LudoEducatif!

That sounds awesome!

Sure Consul should work fine on VPS SSD 3 :+1:

We recommend those specifications because there is usually quite a bit a of traffic when you launch. Then it kind of stabilizes at a lower level and gradually increases from then on :slight_smile:

Just make sure you have a good monitoring system for performance like the free plan at and that you are ready to scale up in case response time slows down a little bit due to high traffic :+1:

Let us know if you have any other questions setting everything up :tada: