Problem in obtaining final results of a poll


We established a team dedicated to prepare for voting on a fabricated issue for testing and training reason.
Some of the team members has been nominated as managers and moderators
We made sure that the voting time terminated and we wanted to obtain the results with no success.
CONSUL indicates a massage: “You are not officing final recounts in any active poll”
This massage has been posted no matter who is pressing – “final recount and results”.
How to overcome this problem?
Do we need to define Official personal for each issue? How to do this?
Alternatively do we need to define valuator per issue? How to do this?


Hi @shay!

Looks like the officers you’ve assigned to this poll have no shifts with the task “Recount and scrutiny”.

You can easily assign shifts to any officer assigned to a poll in the Admin section Poll > Manage Shifts. Once you select an officer to create a new shift for it, select from the “Task” selector the option you want, as you can see in the next screenshot:

Hope my answer is helpful!


Hi Maria,

We are looking for the results of the digital voting, not the booth voting.
Are we not understanding something maybe?



Hi @kolhaam!

Any user with the administrator role can access any poll results and web/booth votes statistics following the path polls/[:poll_id]/results for results or polls/[:poll_id]/stats for stats.

To show the results and stats of a poll once it has ended to the public, go to the Admin section and navigate to Polls > Polls. Find your poll in the list and click the link to “Edit”. At the end of the next page you’ll find a section to select if you want to show results, stats or both:

Anyway, make sure your CONSUL fork is updated with the latest version of CONSUL.



In OPDigital, we needed to do a little change in code to be able to enable “show results” to voters when there aren´t booths votes but only web votes.
In the code below I just remove the if block and keep the content of else block.


Thanks for the workaround @tiagozini, indeed that should work :+1:

We have a pending issue[1] regarding this, pushing up priority, should be merged very soon!