SMTP mail configuration

I have followed exactly the documentation mentioned here
but still mails cannot be sent. Any help / suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
Thanks for your time and work !

Hi @yani, I’ve managed to get this working a few times. Are you still having problems with this? Can you check the log and see if there are any errors? This should point you in the right direction.

There’s a video on setting up emails here - this is for production but it might help with troubleshooting.

Really Thanks @TomClive for your reply!
If I may, I would like to share some steps that I’ve taken and ask a few questions.
I have checked this youtube video with the mail configuration instructions, although I followed another setup steps. Those mentioned here in the GitHub page And after that the documentation that I previously posted.
I checked the logs, although not 100% sure if it is the correct path, which shows that the mail is redirected at a new browser tab. [attached some screenshots

] Maybe I missed a configuration step?
Any suggestions are really welcomed and really thanks for your time and reply!
I’ll try also to setup consul remotely with the other setup instructions mentioned here [] and see if everything works fine.
Thanks again!

So I followed the instructions in this page, setup the server everything perfect, configured stmp mail server but still doesn’t work. I really don’t know what I am doing wrong.
Are there any other suggestions? and also I would like to ask, if there are any already configured solutions which I can personally buy and use?

Hi Yani - Sorry, It’s been a busy week and I didn’t check back here. There are lots of queries about email config in the Slack channel. Do you have access? There seem to be a few issues that crop up frequently - incorrect smtp credentials. not updating in current directory (consul/current/config/secrets.yml) , not updating “from” email address in site admin, not restarting Consul after making config changes.

Thanks @TomClive for your answer. No, I don’t have access to the slack channel. How can I join?
Thanks for suggesting!

I think just send an email to and the admins can invite you.