Use case: Consul as a digital participation platform in non-profit associations / organizations and in companies.

A. Idea

The idea of the considered use case would be to give members of non-profit associations and organizations and employees in companies a transparent possibility to get involved.

B. Implementation

Regarding the implementation it would be conceivable that after setting up an own Consul instance a login via SSO or manually an account is created for all members / employees.

C. Opinions

What do you think - is this something that would be interesting to implement in non-profit associations, organizations and companies?

Hi Lukas,
It is great to see your interested in implementing Consul platform for non-profit organizations/ companies
A-Thanks to the way Consul platform is build and design, it can already adapt to any type or non-profit organizations because the same principle applies. The end user experience for member or an organization / companies is the same than for citizens of a city using Consul.
B-There is already a existing and functioning feature in Consul that allows you to do something very similar. It is called: " Email domain for public officials
Login as an administrator, go to settings and then you can enter the email domain name associated to your organization/ company (
All users registered with this an email will have their account automatically verified at registration
Login via SSO can also be integrated but will need some custom development as it all depends on the provider chosen.
Another options is to use the Remote Census in order to verify the members of the organizations. For example using a Member ID instead of the Passport number.options
C-Non profit organization and companies can already benefit from Consul platform by having full control and independence over their content, moderation, topics and more.
Furthermore the Consul platform could also be used by Unions in order to protect the interests of workers in the workplace, discuss improvements and common requests.
Hope this help and feel free to ask more