User can`t access poll despite being registered

Hello all,

with our CONSUL platform in Bad Belzig/Germany we came across the following problem:
User register but they cannot access the poll. The database clearly states that the respective user who reports the bug is registered.
Have any of you had experience with this bug error and possibly suggestions for solutions?

I would be very grateful.

Many thanks

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Hi Diana

The user is probably registered (Level_1_user) but not verified (Level_3_user). Only verified users can participate in the polls.

Is this the reason?

@Diana-K: The user in question has “level_3_user”. But maybe he did not wait to be verified, when the error occured. Could you maybe check with the user whether it works now?

Thank you David, the user is shown as Level_3_user and thereby verified.

I will however check with the user if in the meantime he was able to access the poll. Thank so much David.

Just got feedback from the user that he still has no access to the poll so we will continue digging.

Hi Diana,

Sorry for the delay in replying :pray:

Are you still having this problem?
What do you mean with “the user cannot access”?
Does the poll appear in the “Polls” tab?

Can you try to reproduce the same steps in the demo (

I would need a bit more information, such as the error log or a screenshot.