Verification of user without Census

Hi, What do I have to change in the verification.rb and / or application.rb file if I only want the following verification steps for a registered user:

We want to use Consul nation wide in Netherlands, so we want to replace the postal code with a general ‘member ID number’

Level 1 user : email verification
Level 2 user: SMS verification
Level 3 user : Member ID number

I do not want connection with Census or any other external database. Is this possible and if so, how can I do this?

Thanks beforehand!


Hi, Wouter.

While CONSUL is fully customisable, the changes you ask for are not straightforward and might have some implications. I would recommend running all the tests after making the changes, in order to detect possible unexpected behaviour.

Here are some changes you can consider:

1- Remove/stop using the “verification residence” concept, as you don’t seem to want to use it. You can modify the next_step_path method in the VerificationController to redirect you directly to the SMS verification page.

2- Change the “verification/letter” concept (which is currently the third step for verification) to a form to collect the member ID number. How are you going to verify that this field is correct, and not just a random one?

3- Modify “model/concerns/verification.rb” so that the methods level_two_verified? , level_three_verified? and all related methods correctly return status based on your new level definition.

4- Detect all specs that fail with these changes and analyse them to rule them out or correct them.

5- Add specs to ensure that all customisations work as expected. These are some initial guidelines on how I would deal with this change, I hope they will be helpful.