Verification of users

Hi, I’m implementing the consul application as an end-of-course project. I already have installed and running the service on a production server.

I want to be able to verify the users in a complete way, with the census and a sms … I have looked for information about it and I do not find documentation in consul about the implementation of these with an API.

The steps that I have managed to do:

It is to disable the functionality of skip verification user.
Install the CRUD / CSV (Pull Request of senen), to be able to import my database, to the local of consul.

And during the verification process I find this fault:

W, [2019-05-24T11:26:41.025608 #25269] WARN – : [cc455d13-f504-47ec-9110-a34746c7303a] [Rollbar] Got unexpected status code from Rollbar api: 400
F, [2019-05-24T11:26:41.027198 #25269] FATAL – : [cc455d13-f504-47ec-9110-a34746c7303a]
F, [2019-05-24T11:26:41.027243 #25269] FATAL – : [cc455d13-f504-47ec-9110-a34746c7303a] Errno::ENOENT (No such file or directory @ rb_sysopen - ):
F, [2019-05-24T11:26:41.027262 #25269] FATAL – : [cc455d13-f504-47ec-9110-a34746c7303a]
F, [2019-05-24T11:26:41.027282 #25269] FATAL – : [cc455d13-f504-47ec-9110-a34746c7303a] lib/census_api.rb:61:in get_response_body' [cc455d13-f504-47ec-9110-a34746c7303a] lib/census_api.rb:7:inblock in call’
[cc455d13-f504-47ec-9110-a34746c7303a] lib/census_api.rb:6:in each' [cc455d13-f504-47ec-9110-a34746c7303a] lib/census_api.rb:6:incall’
[cc455d13-f504-47ec-9110-a34746c7303a] lib/census_caller.rb:4:in call' [cc455d13-f504-47ec-9110-a34746c7303a] app/models/verification/residence.rb:74:inretrieve_census_data’
[cc455d13-f504-47ec-9110-a34746c7303a] app/models/verification/residence.rb:28:in save' [cc455d13-f504-47ec-9110-a34746c7303a] app/controllers/verification/residence_controller.rb:13:increate’

Hi, did you resolve it? I’m having the same problem in a clean instalation, among other weird things…

Hi Dr4u95 and TomelloSoulMan,

If you want to use the CensusLocal, this PR ( will solved the errors related with this post.

If you still have problems, please contact me and we will try to solve them.