CentOS7 production

Hi everyone,

How do you do?
I’m having some trouble installing consul on Centos7. The installer has some references for it, but it is not working well.
I was wondering if anyone has a checklist for this installation or already resolved this problem.

Hi @kamyllalprado, sorry for the late response :pray::skin-tone-3:

CentOS support is at consul/installer project roadmap but i think nobody started with this yet, so maybe if you decide to install it manually on CentOS7 it would be nice if you share the problems you find with us so we can include that knowledge at docs or even use that information to make needed changes at installer.

As nobody started yet we do not have a checklist of things to solve to make installer compatible with CentOS, but i can share with you how i would tackle this … First of all i would run the installer over an Ubuntu server so i could take note of all needed tooling, all tasks done by the installer are important provision the server with all the software needed by a production environment so you will need the same software or a replacement of each tool used by Ubuntu for CentOS.

I am not a CentOS expert, probably you have more expertise that me with it so does not take my advice too seriously.