CONSUL 1.0.0-beta released!


Hello CONSUL community, the new 1.0.0-beta release is here! :tada:

Thank you all for your contributions that have made this release possible and awesome! :heart:
We have a lot of interesting features and upgrades!

Proposal’s dashboard
A new section where authors can monitor how their proposal is growing in votes and take many actions to promote it.

Participatory Budgets
Lots of improvements for the admin interface to search and display better information. Migration for deprecated models. And the capability of voting participatory budgets using paper ballots.

Many database logs for different actions that are carried out during a Poll, displaying better vote recounts and manually deciding when to display stats and results from the admin interface.

We now have a restructured admin settings section, easier to find the different types of settings and modify them, with new settings such as the minium age to participate. Also editable common pages such as privacy, conditions and faq.

Tones of refactorings, new rubocop rules, application of existing rules such as doble quotes everywhere, lots of fixed exceptions, removed obsolete rake tasks, improved accessibility and fixed html warnings.

Finally a massive upgrade that has taken us a few years to complete and lots of contributions, Rails 5!

Documentation and Demo sites
Updated README with the new site for the documentation with a more structured menu and more content. Check it out at Also a recurring request, a demo site, now available at

Please review the Changelog to see the complete details of the release and the Release notes for instructions on how to upgrade.

Thank you!!! :heart: