Consul for Belgium - implementation


First of all, congratulations for this fantastic consulproject!

I work for a federation of organizations in the Benelux willing to develop direct democracy in the Benelux.
We want to organize votations as in Switzerland, 4 times a year, with a planning of dates over 20 years, by means of the e-voting software CONSUL.

I have understood we need a Ruby / Ruby on rails programmer so as to implement CONSUL.
Is that right?

If yes, can you recommend us Ruby programmers having already worked with CONSUL?
Programmer from Spain or any other country is OK for us.

Thank you very much in advance!!!

Mobile: 0498 04 30 68


Dear Olivier

My name is Paul Valencia, we saw you request in CONSUL platform, it sounds very interesting. We have a big expertise installing and developing over CONSUL, so we can make a skye call in order to know more about your project.

Best Regards