CONSUL Use Guide (v.0.16)


CONSUL Use Guide (v.0.16)


  1. Introduction to the CONSUL Use Guide
  2. Citizen proposals
  3. Voting
  4. Collaborative legislation
    3.1. Preliminary discussion
    3.2. Proposals
    3.3. Comments on texts
  5. Participatory budgets
  6. Debates
  7. Advanced processes
    6.1. Debates Phase
    6.2. Proposal Phase
    6.3. Text comment phase
  8. Customizable home page
  9. Personalized information pages
  10. Newsletters and notifications
  11. Administration, Moderation, Evaluation, Voting and Management Interfaces
  12. Face-to-face participation in the processes

Consul-use-guide-eng-0_16.pdf (4.8 MB)


Miguel, puedes enviar el archivo abierto para yo tambien hacer páginas deste contenido en la web :slight_smile:


Of course! Here it goes:

Also uploaded in the Spanish version: Guía de Uso de CONSUL (v.0.16)