English translation


Hi all! As some of you know I will commit to fix the English translation of Consul at Crowdin (pirate Eng, just a workaround by @bertocq). Since this is not a priority for my last days at ICD17, I’ll start working on it later. However, I just wanted to share some notes here of what I think should be changed, so you can also give me your feedback and thoughts:

1 - “Poll(s)” should be changed to “Voting(s)”, since we’re talking about voting and not a poll (encuesta). This term shows up at the admin interface and also for users in the button “Participate in this poll” (maybe elsewhere too?).

2 - On the debate section, “votes” are actually Likes. Otherwise it’s a bit misleading for the user.

3 - On the processes section, the “Allegations” phase should be renamed to “Draft feedback”.

4 - The role of “Valuator” should be renamed to “Reviewer”.

5 - The role of “Manager” should be renamed to “Assistant” or something similar.

6 - There’s more but I forgot my notes in the hotel :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll write later…