Error executing delayed_job after upgrading to consul 1.1.0

Trying to update to the latest version, we have gone from 1.0.0 to version 1.1.0 and it boots without problems, but when launching bin/delayed_job restart it gives an error that I attached.
With this error it seems related to the remote_translation and socksify but we can’t locate the error, has this happened to someone or can they help us?
Thank you

Hi @Alesander,

One question, have you followed the recommended steps in release 1.1.0?

If so, looking at the error trace you send us, the last point in the application that fails is in /lib/remote_translations/microsoft/available_locales.rb:41 and then gives a timeout.

This line attempts to make a request to an external api ( One possibility is that the external api failed at that time. Have you reproduced the error again and you always end up with a timeout?

Do you have the Remote translation feature enabled?
If so, make sure you have an entry for microsoft_api_key in your secrets.


Thank you very much for your help
The problem was that from my network colleagues they had closed the connections outside the server, so it didn’t give an answer and that’s why it failed. Now it’s solved.
thank you