French developer / sysadmin for Consul


we need french developers and system administrators to help us install and customize some versions of Consul to help local participative lists to use it during the campaign to win the french municipal elections of 2020.

I’m one of the organizers of the “Plateforme Nationale des listes Participatives 2020” :

We also have a WordPress :

I have set up my own Consul in french for my small city of Chaumont :

We should collaborate to spread Consul in the french-speaking world ! And also to adapt it to our laws.
Make a french fork, for example ?



Hey @LudoEducatif!

I recommend you our colleagues at
They are doing a great job with

+1 to the french fork! :smiley::+1::clap:


I agree they’re doing a great job, but they’re a company, they don’t do the great job for free - I’m not criticizing it at all, but for the moment I’m just a citizen and I just can’t afford paying for their service.

Bonjour Ludovic,
Nous recherchons des développeurs pour implémenter CONSUL en Belgique.
En avez-vous trouvé pour votre projet?
Pouvez-vous nous aider?
Selon la documentation sur Consul, il faut des développeurs dans le langage de programmation Ruby.
Bien à vous,
Olivier Rubbers
Mobile: 0032 498 04 30 68