Installation at Arch Linux with newest software


I know that software like ruby-bundler and so on is completely outdated at Ubuntu, Debian and similar distributions. I have running my servers on Arch Linux which always provides brandnew software versions - for example ruby-bundler 2.1.4-1. But unfortunately Consul is depending on the outdated versions. I want to set up an instance for testing and developing purposes here in Germany, doing translations and so on. The best would be if Consul supports newest versions of software - the second one would be running Consul in a docker environment. I am not sure Consul will work with the software versions “Docker version 19.03.12-ce” and “docker-compose version 1.26.2”. Are there any informations about that? I see in Consul a very, very nice tool to increase democracy and open government in the world - and here in Germany there is a long path to go relating to such ideas…

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Okay - I have got it after liters of coffee :wink: Consul is up and running on my Arch Server. From technical side there is only one todo: set up a letsencrypt ssl. I already have got certificates - I just need to add them somewhere in the configuration so that connection is encrypted using the letsencrypt certificates. Is there a howto for adding ssl support?

Hi @df8oe :smile:.

Regarding distributions and Ruby/Bundler, we recommend using a Ruby Version Manager, like RVM, rbenv or asdf, which will work on any distribution.

Regarding SSL, you can check what we do in our nginx template and edit you nginx configuration file accordingly (remember to replace placeholders with real values :wink:). You also need to edit your config/secrets.yml file and set force_ssl to true. Then, restart nginx, restart the Rails application, and you should be able to access your site using HTTPS.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Javi for your fast reply. I am completely new to Ruby - so I will dig the web for “Ruby Version Manager” RVM. I got it running by installing the neccessary bundler using “gem install bundler:1.17.1”. But I think it is not recommended to run it using ruby 2.7.1. There are tons of warnings about deprecated calls and functions, but it works…

Pointing me to nginx configuration helped for putting ssl support to Consul - next step done.

Best regards - stay healthy