Total recount and results requiring CSV data


I’m trying to upload offline votes during the “Reviewing voting” phase of a participatory budgeting.
According to the Consul Administration Guide
(page 40), I was expecting to have an interface with an input for each option. But this is what I am getting:

And I’ve been unable to find any documentation about it.

Here comes my first question: Is there any documentation I can check for this part? Is this CSV data upload the expected interface?

Just in case the CSV upload is the only way of uploading the offline votes, I’ve been checking the code trying to understand how the CSV data field works. If I understood properly, each line would be a vote, and it would consist of a comma-separated list of project code numbers. Is this correct?

I tried to upload the votes in this format, but the total count votes of the projects didn’t change. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi, Jorge.

Thank you very much. We can continue this topic in PR: BUGFIX: Offline ballot sheet votes not being added to the total vote count #4775